13 Goals from NJCOS Chairman Bruce Chudacoff

1.     We are going to focus on making our website an attractive, easy to use gateway to Jewish Scouting with regular updates and exciting things for people to use.

2.     We are going to revise our publications, bring them into the 21st century and get them on the website.

3.     Marketing our program is significant to all of us. We need to refocus our efforts in painting our efforts in the best light and seeing to it that Jewish Scouting activities receive the attention they deserve throughout the country.

4.     We want to see to it that the Jewish Scouts at the Jamboree and at Philmont this summer have an outstanding experience which will enhance their Jewish identity.

5.     We are going to recruit some younger, energetic and enthusiastic people across the country to work with our committee in enhancing our activities, both as members of our subcommittees and as members of our committee. To that end we need to revise our financial requirements to make the committee affordable to younger people. I am envisioning a stepped dues structure with smaller dues for people under 30 or so and another price differential at about 50. I am looking toward our regional chairmen to provide recruits for these positions to the membership committee. These folks and others on a local level need to receive appropriate training and development opportunities and the units they come from and recruit need further sustenance and encouragement.

6.     I want each of our subcommittees to meet on a regular basis to accomplish our goals.

7.     I will conduct regular meetings with our regional chairmen to pursue improvements across the country. I want to see regional get togethers taking place in each area of the country on an annual basis, either as regional conferences or on a smaller basis.

8.     We need to stabilize our finances and make sure that we have the funds to carry out our programs. To do that we are going to have to develop a fundraising arm to raise additional money, either through more contributions or sales of some objects or in some other way.

9.     I do not know what is going to happen with the vote tomorrow but regardless of which way it goes we need to maintain contact with our national Jewish organizations. Even if we cannot get into all of them now we need to retain whatever contacts we can in preparation for the day that we can get back into their good graces.

10.  I know I am asking us to do a lot of things but as we do them we also need to plan for the future. Strategic planning is such an important thing that I have established a separate advisory committee of past chairmen to advise me and to work with our strategic planning committee.

11.  I am also establishing a group to focus on the history of Jewish Scouting and another to focus on international Jewish Scouting.

12.  I want each of our meetings to achieve something practical and contribute to our overall goal. I am looking forward to reestablishing a second in person meeting each year at which we will have the opportunity to spend more time on the specifics of our work.

13.  I want to be an active chairman. I will try to come to you if I can help in your activities. I will be available to you on the phone almost any time.