2013 National Jamboree Jewish Traditions Achievement Award

Achievement Award


 All Jewish Scouts may earn the 2013 Jewish Traditions Youth Achievement Award. The Achievement Award program encourages Scouts to actively engage in Jewish life at the Jamboree. Adults are not eligible to earn this award.
[To earn the special Jewish Traditions Youth Achievement Award emblem for your uniform you must complete ALL Four Starred items (in BOLD) and ANY THREE other items. Have a Jewish Chaplain, rabbi or member of the NJCOS sign each completed item.]

  1. * Visit the National Jewish Committee on Scouting exhibit and the Synagogue Tent in the Faith & Beliefs area.[needs two approval lines – one for each if you want both visits]
  2. Qualify for and render service to the Scouting community at the Jamboree by serving as a Chaplain’s aide.
  3. * Have a personal conference with a Jewish Chaplain. During the conference review your progress toward earning the Ner Tamid and/or Etz Chaim Religious Emblem(s) or set goals to earn one or more of the emblems.
  4. Attend a service which includes a Torah Reading (Monday, Thursday, or Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon at the Synagogue  Tent.)
  5. Put on Tefillin (any weekday).
  6. Attend Shabbat services on Friday evening at the Summit Center Arena or at the Shomer Shabbat contingent at Base Camp Alpha.
  7. * Attend the Shabbat dinner and songfest on Friday evening at the Summit Center Arena.
  8. Attend the Saturday morning Shabbat service at the Synagogue Tent.
  9. Attend the Saturday evening Havdallah service.
  10. * Attend the Sunday morning service at the Synagogue Tent and participate in the related activity.
  11. Attend the Ner Tamid or Etz Chaim Religious Emblem workshop at the Synagogue Tent following the Sunday morning service.