L’Shana Tovah,

Bruce_Chudacoff2016We are beginning the new year of 5777 with a lot of progress for Scouting for Jewish Youth. We have created a new role for the National Jewish Committee on Scouting and I am pleased to say that the entire committee has enthusiastically endorsed our new focus on bringing Scouting to more Jewish organizations and Jewish youth.

We have re-purposed the regional chairs to support local council committees and are developing active regional committees to help in that support role. Our main change has been on the local level. We have a new booklet which redefines the jobs of the local Jewish committee to be forming new, sustainable units, to assist existing units in remaining healthy and to serve Jewish youth. To that end we have formed a new structure for local committees which will help them achieve their new goals. In addition to this we have provided you with the tools for success.

Our website, www.Jewishscouting.org, has everything you need to establish new, positive relationships with your local council membership and commissioner teams, to open the doors to new Jewish organizations and to sell new units.

Everything you need is on the web. If you look at our “New Units” page you will find a recruiting folder to download, welcoming videos to play for prospective chartered organizations, guides to the Jewish Community for your non-Jewish professional and volunteer Scouting partners, booklets taking you step by step through the process of forming and operating your local committee and forming new, sustainable units and much more. If you look at our “Program” page you will find suggested program ideas for Jewish programming. Take a little time to become familiar with your new tools and start using them.

On a national level we continue to approach more Jewish organizations to form new alliances with us. We have a unique cooperative venture with Alpha Epsilon Pi. We have relationships with the Jewish War Veterans of the USA and the Reform movement and are constantly seeking more of them for our mutual benefit. On an international level we are initiating new joint programs with the Israel Boy and Girl Scout Federation. We are making our voice heard with the world’s Scout organizations.

More Reform and other rabbis and Jewish organizations are seeking us out to cooperate with us and to form new units.  We are pleased to announce the formation of the National Jewish Scout Association. More information about this exciting opportunity to associate with other Jewish volunteers and Scouts will be forthcoming soon.

We have challenges ahead but we can meet them and go from strength to strength to improve the experiences of Jewish Scouts and volunteers throughout the country. Join us to instill values and leadership skills in our young people in the year ahead.

Bruce Chudacoff, Chairman
National Jewish Committee on Scouting