1.  We are going to focus on making our website an attractive, easy to use gateway to Jewish Scouting with regular updates and exciting things for people to use. [I am looking into ways to reinvent our website. It will have to serve as the clearinghouse for program helps, a source of information and a central means of creating cohesion among all Jewish Scouts. It will continue to feature a Jewish Scout Shop.]

 2.  We are going to revise our publications, bring theminto the 21st century and get them on the website. [I have collected much of our old material. It is being digitized for editing and will be available for that purpose. I also have programs from other sources which we will review for publication on the web.]

3.  Marketing our program is significant to all of us. We need to refocus our efforts in painting our efforts in the best light and seeing to it that Jewish Scouting activities receive the attention they deserve throughout the country. [This is a continuing project. As we continue to develop our membership plan there will be a marketing impact. All of our publications need to carry our “brand.” There is a council in the Northeast Region that is trying to develop videos on why join Jewish Scouting which we may be able to use. We can adopt a segmented Jewish activity patch to give to Jewish Scouts to develop loyalty and pride in our members.]

4.  We want to see to it that the Jewish Scouts at the 2017 Jamboree and at Philmont and the Summit each summer have an outstanding experience which will enhance their Jewish identity. [Bruce Streger is developing his committee and his program for the Jamboree. We need to attract sponsors for our Jamboree programs. At least one potential sponsor for the Dreidel Spin has expressed interest. Todd Zinn is going to be rehired as Jewish Chaplain this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch.]

5.   We are going to recruit some younger, energetic and enthusiastic people across the country to work with our committee in enhancing our activities, both as members of our subcommittees and as members of our committee. I am looking toward our regional chairmen to provide recruits for these positions to the membership committee. These folks and others on a local level need to receive appropriate training and development opportunities and the units they come from and recruit need further sustenance and encouragement. [There have been several retirements from the committee. At the same time, we have added several new, energetic people to the committee in the last two years and have several more candidates in the pipeline. We need to recruit some more women for the committee. We need to get people on the committee who will engender the respect of our constituents and others. We will expect that each committee member will support our activities, both financially and with personal efforts. The rabbinical advisory committee needs to become more closely involved in our activities.]

6. I want each of our subcommittees to meet on a regular basis to accomplish our goals. [I know that several committees are meeting and talking regularly. We have obtained subscriptions to Uberconference for conference calling and to enable document sharing. These resources are available to all committees and the regions.]

7.  I will conduct regular meetings with our regional chairmen to pursue improvements across the country. I want to see regional get togethers taking place in each area of the country on an annual basis, either as regional conferences or on a smaller basis. [The regional chairs and I have recently held a conference and will continue to do so. The Northeast Region recently held a successful regional conferences. I have discussed the formation of regional committees with the other three regions and the regional chairs will be recruiting members from local Jewish committees.]


8.  We need to stabilize our finances and make sure that we have the funds to carry out our programs. To do that we are going to have to develop a fundraising arm to raise additional money, either through more contributions or sales of some objects or in some other way. [We are looking into the creation of the National Jewish Scout Alumni Association to form a basis for support and a committed group of supporters. I have begun discussions with several committee members about developing a list of potential supporters to cultivate and we have discussed making formal ties with several national groups. We need to prepare our story to tell.]

9.  Membership is a critical priority for us. Jewish units and Jewish Scouts that have been documented are decreasing fast. We need to stabilize our base and reach out to expand it.

[a. Membership: Membership development is a two-pronged program. The first prong is national – we need to create better relations with other national Jewish groups. The second prong is local – we need to make local Jewish committees effective where they are practical and find other local representatives where they are not to develop new units. We are creating a membership booklet which will have sections to give to local committee people, district executives, chartered organizations and will have a section with three months’ plans for new units including a service project for the chartered partner. We need to look at referrals from existing units and chartered partners that may help us such as Chabad with units and others. As a part of this process we will ask the local committees to also look for appropriate individuals to be trained as commissioners.    

b. Each member of our committee will become a liaison with a local Jewish committee on Scouting. This will promote accountability and buy-in from local groups. 

c.  We are going to ask each local committee to do an inventory of potential sponsors and to begin to make contact with them.

d.  We continue to seek partnerships with AEPi and SAM to provide a basis for future continuity in development for all Jewish youths.

e.  We are about to publish the new emblem requirements. We are going to switch the process so all applications come to us first and are then forwarded to PRAY. This will provide us with an additional data base and control over our emblems.]

f.  The actions of the Greater New York Councils to actively ignore the leadership standards of the BSA may provide us with a doorway to some sponsors.

10.  We need to plan for the future. Strategic planning is such an important thing that I have established a separate advisory committee of past chairmen to advise me and to work with our strategic planning committee.

[a. We need to review and revise our adult and unit recognition programs.

b. We need to strengthen the rabbinical advisory committee.

c. We need to co-opt others into one or more advisory committees to provide assistance and suggestions to us for the future.]

11.  I have established a group to focus on the history of Jewish Scouting and another to focus on international Jewish Scouting. [The history group is working on establishing a Jewish Scouting Museum and adding to it with oral histories and documents. We need to cooperate with it to allow the preservation of our history by obtaining copies of items that others have and to locate a repository for them that will be secure for the future. We need to continue to build relationships internationally and develop closer ties with Scouts in other countries. We need to create a program where Jewish units and individual Scouts in the US can have direct relationships with units and Scouts in other countries.]

 12.  I want each of our meetings to achieve something practical and contribute to our overall goal. I am looking forward to reestablishing a second in person meeting each year at which we will have the opportunity to spend more time on the specifics of our work. [February 8 was an in-person meeting which concentrated on membership and development. We will have more such meetings in the future.]

 13.  I want to be an active chairman. I will try to come to you if I can help in your activities. I will be available to you on the phone almost any time. [I am retired now so I can answer my phone any time to help all of you. I am prepared to go to New York to meet with the heads of various national Jewish groups and meet with or talk to local and regional groups at the drop of a kippah, if that will help us achieve our goals.]