Bruce_Chudacoff_webThe Boy Scouts of America is the foremost youth-serving organization in America. It has now become substantially more inclusive by removing all questions of sexual orientation from its membership and leadership standards. Today we have an historic opportunity to bring Scouting back to Judaism. With over 1,000 Reform and Reconstructionist Temples and Synagogues in America, there is a vast pool of young Jewish kids and adults who can take advantage of the time-tested methods of Scouting to help instill values, leadership skills and more in the leaders of tomorrow.

As one mother, Michelle, says: “Scouting makes the most of the little bit of time we have with our son before he is out on his own.” Another mother says: “Boy Scouts teaches skills, builds character and friendships, and encourages family time doing fun things. To me, and to my family – Boy Scouts means quality fun time!” Many other Scouting families recognize the benefits that Scouting provides – we have the ability to provide our young families with the experiences of a lifetime. They will grow closer together through Scouting. Scouting families will now be able to join and participate in many more Temples and Synagogues. They will teach Judaism to their children through the religious emblem program. As their children develop lifelong friendships and social skills, a love of the outdoors, a respect for our planet and tikkun olam and the desire to help others in life, our families, our Temples and Synagogues and our communities will benefit from this unique partnership.

Forming a successful Scout unit in every temple, synagogue, Chabad House and other eligible Jewish organization is our goal. The National Jewish Committee on Scouting has brought together these materials to help establish the new units. The Committee stands ready to help coordinate your efforts. Contact me at and I will help you get started with the right people. Please remember that there are no shortcuts to creating sustainable units. The Boy Scouts of America has created a tested pathway to forming a new Scout unit the right way. Before you begin, review all of these materials and talk to your local council’s District Executive or membership chairman. Then let’s bring Scouting’s values to more Jewish kids.

Bruce Chudacoff, Chairman

National Jewish Committee on Scouting