Bruce_Chudacoff2016I am pleased to report to you that the National Jewish Committee on Scouting has turned a new page in its history. On February 8, 2016, the 106th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America, we adopted a new approach to Scouting for Jewish Youth. We have a new vision of the future, a new mission statement and a new goal statement.

Most of all, we have rededicated our national approach to Scouting. We intend to focus on revitalizing local council Jewish committees on Scouting and encouraging them to recognize that their primary functions are to assist in the formation of new, sustainable units and to help maintain the health of existing units.

We have created a program of specific tasks for the national committee to carry out in support of Scouting for Jewish Youth and have also created a new regional structure to assist local council committees in their efforts.

I am pleased to share this new initiative with you. We are in the final stages of creating a recommended new local committee structure and guidebooks for the formation of new Jewish units. We will be providing you with a continuum of instruction manuals which will make it easier to do your job.

At the same time we are adding new program assistance to Jewish units on the website. Soon we will also be providing you with a national kinnus, an opportunity to learn Jewish Scouting ideas from leading experts. Look for announcements as these projects are brought on line for you to use.


Chairman, National Jewish Committee on Scouting