The Cub Scouts religious emblems program sponsored by the National Jewish Committee on Scouting is age specific.

Cub Scouts in grades one through three (Tigers, Wolves and Bears) are entitled to work on the Maccabee religious emblem. It is possible that parents can help their Scouts earn this religious emblem

Cub Scouts in grades three through five (Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light dens) are entitled to work on the Aleph religious emblem. This religious emblem delves more deeply into Jewish religious observance and tradition. It is strongly recommended that a counselor work directly with the Scouts who are attempting to earn an Aleph religious emblem. A rabbi, cantor or religious school instructor would be a perfect choice to serve as a counselor. A parent or Scout leader can assist the Scout in various ways, but the instruction works better when given in a classroom or individual sessions between the counselor and the Scout. BSA policies on youth protection should be observed whenever there might be one-on-one interaction.

If a Maccabee religious emblem Scout also earns his Aleph religious emblem, a small device bearing the image of the Cub Scout logo can be inserted into the religious emblem knot on his uniform. At certain pack events or Scout Shabbats, the religious medals may also be worn on the Scout’s uniform. Once the Scout bridges into Boy Scouting, the same religious knot (and device) may be worn on his Boy Scout uniform as well as a Venturing uniform, should he elect to become a Venturer later.

As a partner with other faiths in the promotion of religious emblems, the P.R.A.Y. office also serves as the religious emblems and awards partner for the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. For questions about purchasing emblems or awards for the Jewish faith, you may reach P.R.A.Y. by calling 1-800-933-7729 or via email at