The J-Scouts mailing list is a service of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting of the Boy Scouts of America ( to serve as a forum for Jewish Scouters to exchange information on programming opportunities for Jewish Scouts throughout the United States.

The NJCOS will use this list to announce various programs at the national, regional and local council levels including kinusim (gatherings), religious observant Wood Badge courses and other training courses, scholarships and other awards.

Membership in this list is subject to approval by the NJCOS in its sole discretion.  The list is open to anyone interested in advancing Jewish Scouting, including Girl Scouts and Girl Scout leaders, non-USA and non-Jewish Scouts and Scouters.  Postings on this list should be in the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law.

What kinds of topics may be discussed here?  The list may include questions about the religious emblems programs of the NJCOS, starting Scouting units in Jewish organizations, outreach to Jewish youth in units sponsored by non-Jewish organizations, support from councils for Jewish Scouting, where to find kosher backpacking food, ideas for Scout Shabbat services, etc.

List subscribers acknowledge that political topics or critical discussions of Scouting policies are not appropriate in this forum.

List subscribers further acknowledge that the NJCOS reserves the right to remove any member from the list for un-Scoutlike posts as determined solely by the NJCOS.

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“My name is David Herman and I am Cubmaster for Pack 613 in New Orleans, LA. I would like some help in making a Ner Tamid presentation.”

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