for Jewish Boy Scouts and Venturers, grades six through nine


nertamidAs a Scout you know that learning by doing is a basic principle of Scouting. Just as you keep yourself physically strong by camping, hiking, and other outdoor healthful activities, so also you build yourself spiritually and morally by practicing your religion. The Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) program will help you grow spiritually. It will aid you to practice duty to God, to be reverent, and to be faithful in your religious duties.

To help you in this phase of your Scouting experience, the National Jewish Committee on Scouting has developed the Ner Tamid program for boys in grades six through nine. Similar programs have been developed by the Protestant and Catholic committees on Scouting. All Scouts are eligible to work in the distinctive religious programs of their faith, and every Scout will be proud to achieve this high honor.

As a Scout, you may work on the Ner Tamid program whether your unit is connected with your own synagogue, community center, school, or with some other organization. You carry on your Scout program in your troop while you fulfill the Ner Tamid requirements under the guidance of your rabbi or Ner Tamid counselor. If you live in a small or isolated Jewish community, contact the National Jewish Committee on Scouting for assistance.

Now read the description of the Ner Tamid emblem and then follow the steps in earning the Ner Tamid emblem. Good luck! (An application form and workbook are available at the bottom of this webpage.)

Description of the Ner Tamid Emblem

The Ner Tamid emblem is a pendant representing the Eternal Light that hangs in front of the Holy Ark in the synagogue. It is attached to a blue and white ribbon and a bronze bar pin that carries the inscription “Ner Tamid” in Hebrew letters and “Eternal Light” in English.

The Ner Tamid in the synagogue of our own day goes back to the seven-branched menorah described in the Bible (Exodus 27:20; Numbers 8:2). The center light, from which the other six were kindled, is the Ner Tamid. The lamp burned continually, symbolizing the Jewish people’s eternal devotion to God’s teachings.

Steps in Earning the Ner Tamid Emblem

  1. Fill out the application in this pamphlet. Be sure you read carefully the instructions heading each section of the Ner Tamid requirements. Scouts and Venturers who have completed the ninth grade may still earn the Ner Tamid emblem, but only if they concurrently earn the Etz Chaim emblem for older Jewish Scouts and Venturers. Information and an application for the Etz Chaim emblem are available online.
  2. Get in touch with your rabbi (or religious schoolteacher) and discuss the requirements. He or she will be glad to serve as your Ner Tamid counselor. If you do not live near a synagogue that has a rabbi, contact the National Jewish Committee on Scouting to obtain a counselor.
    Please keep a neat record of all your work in a notebook that you can review with your counselor. You will find a list of books in this pamphlet that will help you tackle the requirements. A good Jewish encyclopedia can also prove helpful. You can find most of these books in your synagogue library, or resources can be sent to you if you have no access to necessary materials.
  3. As you fulfill the requirements, put a circle around the number of each one you complete. From time to time, ask your counselor to check your knowledge of the requirements. He or she will initial each section as you complete it.
  4. When all requirements have been completed to the satisfaction of your counselor, take this application to your local council service center for approval.
  5. Your counselor will then mail the certification and order form to P.R.A.Y. Your Ner Tamid emblem will be presented to you at some impressive occasion, such as Scout Sabbath in February, Chanukah, Bar Mitzvah, Confirmation, etc.

Please check the National Jewish Committee on Scouting home page. Each candidate for this emblem must be a registered member of a Boy Scout troop, Venturing crew, or Sea Scout ship throughout the time that the candidate is working on the emblem.

Application Form

Download an application form   for the Ner Tamid emblem.

As a partner with other faiths in the promotion of religious emblems, the P.R.A.Y. office also serves as the religious emblems and awards partner for the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. For questions about purchasing emblems or awards for the Jewish faith, you may reach P.R.A.Y. by calling 1-800-933-7729 or via email at

Requirements and Workbook

Download the requirements  for the Ner Tamid emblem

Download the requirements and workbook  for the Ner Tamid emblem

Download the requirements and workbook in fillable fields  for the Ner Tamid emblem