NJCOS Chairman Bruce Chudacoff


Welcome to the new Jewish Scouting! The National Jewish Committee on Scouting is proud to encourage young Jews to join the world’s foremost youth serving organization. Scouting promotes values that are naturally Jewish. It encourages young people to develop strong values, leadership skills, patriotism and job skills that will serve them and their families well throughout their lives. Men who have strong Scouting backgrounds are proven to have close family relationships, stable home lives and major accomplishments in later years.

Jewish Scouts who earn the Maccabee, Aleph, Ner Tamid and Etz Chaim awards develop a better understanding of their religious and cultural history and go on to excell in later years. The Scouting program is centered on time-tested, safe principles and programs that are fun and still yield results of which families can be proud. Our committee members are working hard to develop a new, web-based center for Jewish Scouting throughout the country. Our program is national in scope and local in assistance to anyone who wants to associate with Jewish Scouting.

I encourage you to search our website and come back frequently for news and assistance. Contact one of our committee members directly with your questions and concerns. If you are interested in volunteering to help us bring Scouting to every Jewish kid, no matter where he lives, let us know and join our efforts.

With you in Jewish Scouting,

Bruce Chudacoff

National Chairman