The National Jewish Committee on Scouting is now a Task Force associated with Community Alliances of the Boy Scouts of America. Formerly, the NJCOS had formerly been a standing committee associated with the National Council of the BSA since 1926.

Under its auspices the NJCOS has sought to support Jewish Scouting for individual units and Scouts with a series of programs designed to enhance the Scouting experience. Promotional pamphlets, training sessions and program helps booklets are all part of a multi-faceted approach instituted by committee leadership to encourage Jewish units to grow and and to assist Jewish Scouts in achieving advancement in rank.

One of the most important of these programs is the religious emblems and awards offered through the NJCOS to encourage youth to experience the beauty of Scouting under the larger aegis of Judaism. Age appropriate religious emblems – the Maccabee and Aleph for Cub Scouts and the Ner Tamid and Etz Chaim for Boy Scouts and Ventuerers – have been created and are owned by the NJCOS.  In coordination with the National Council of the BSA, these religious emblems have been instituted to allow Jewish Scouts to take pride in their faith throughout their Scouting careers.

The Shofar Award is awarded to individual adult leaders who have created a positive impact on Jewish Scouting on a unit, district, council, regional or national basis.

Mortimer Schiff Awards for local Jewish Committees on Scouting and Frank L. Weil Awards for individual Jewish units encourage growth in membership, rank advancement and other factors which contribute to stronger Jewish charter partner participation.

Boy Scouts who have earned their Ner Tamid or Etz Chaim religious emblems and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout are eligible to apply for several scholarship opportunities available annually through a selection process instituted by the NJCOS.

The NJCOS also maintains support of the chaplaincy at the high adventure Philmont Scout Ranch in several ways and has been a major contributor to past National and Worldwide Jamborees. Likewise, the NJCOS will have a major presence at  the 2017 National Jamboree and the 2019 Worldwide Jamboree, both being held at the Summit Bechtel Family Scout Reserve in Glen Jean, West Virginia.