Here is your recruiting folder. Use it to help recruit new units. Here’s how. Buy a 1 inch, 3-ring binder with a clear plastic cover that you can insert a title page in and a set of dividers. Download those pages in the folder that you believe to be relevant to your recruiting prospect, including the first section, the BSA section and the NJCOS section. Insert the Recruiting Cover Page on the front. Trim and insert the Recruiting Spine in the spine of the binder (It helps to spread open the cover before inserting the spine.):


Recruiting cover page
Recruiting spine
These could be your kids! (poster)
Does Scouting work? (slideshow presentation)
Scouting with a Jewish Flavor (poster)
Scouting for Jewish Youth is Now!
Scouting and Judaism (video)
Chairman’s Welcome to Jewish Scouting (video)
Scouting Works – The Tufts Study
Scouting Values Are Jewish Values
Why Do We Advocate Scouting for Jewish Youth?
Janel, A Mother Says and 5 Reasons to Love Day Camp

Cub Scouting

Cub Scout poster
Cub Scout Character Development
Hooked on Scouting Playbook for Cub Scouts

Boy Scouting

Boy Scout poster
Boy Scout Outdoor Program
Seven Principles of “Leave No Trace”


Venturing poster
Exploring Is Back

Boy Scouts of America

Overview of the BSA
Youth Protection
Chartered Organizations

National Jewish Committee on Scouting

NEW! Committee Improvement Initiative
The National Jewish Committee on Scouting website
Religious Emblems
2016 Parents Guide
2016  Chartered Organizations Guide
Endorsement from the Jewish War Veterans
Endorsement from the Religious Action Center (URJ)
Praise from the Religious Action Center for Inclusivity (URJ)