Religious Emblems price increase

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting (NJCOS) has announced the following changes to its religious emblems programs:


After holding prices on the Jewish awards since 2000, the price of the Maccabee, Aleph, Ner Tamid, and Etz Chaim religious emblems will be $16.00 (plus the standard registration and shipping/handling fees). These prices go into effect December 1, 2013.

The registration fee is $.50 per Scout. The shipping/handling fee will be $4.50, which will be assessed per shipping address (i.e. orders shipped together are assed one fee). All fees are payable to Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.), 11123 S. Towne Square, St. Louis, MO, who will process the forms on behalf of NJCOS.


There are several changes to the new application forms.

·       The following statement has been added to all youth application forms: “This emblem has been developed by the National Jewish Committee on Scouting for Jewish Scouts and may only be awarded to Jewish Scouts.”

·       The signature lines for the council and the local Jewish committee have been removed (i.e. the Scout Executive and the chair of the local Jewish committee will no longer have to sign the youth application forms)

·       A new signature line has been added for the Unit Leader along with the following statement: “I certify that the Scout applying for this Jewish religious emblem is a registered member of the BSA.”

What do these changes mean?

The new forms require three signatures: parent/guardian, rabbi/counselor, and unit leader.  P.R.A.Y. will process the applications that have all three signatures. At the end of the month, P.R.A.Y. will provide a recipient report to the Awards Chairman of the NJCOS. The Awards Chairman will then forward the appropriate reports to the regional chairs for their action.

NJCOS has posted new application forms at . Please use these updated (2013) forms when ordering awards from P.R.A.Y. Thank you!