39_Shabbat_ProhibitionsCamping can be problematic for observant Scouts without proper preparation. While building fires, erecting tents, tying and untying knots, cooking, washing and carrying items are specifically prohibited for observant Jews (see chart at right), there are ways that these kinds of “work” can be done or initiated prior to the onset of Shabbat or, for example, might be mitigated through the erection of an eruv.

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting has prepared a booklet for download that can be used to help troops maintain their observance over the course of a weekend. While it does not cover every contingency for observant Shabbat camping, it does cover most of the areas of concern and offers suggestions on how to enjoy a meaningful camping experience without violating the 39 categories of Shabbat prohibitions.

Download the Minimalist Guide to Kosher Camping here.