Western Region Chair announces 2017 Chai Award recipients

I have the privilege to announce the second group of Scouters from Western Region named below that have been selected to receive the Chai Award of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting.

While the Shofar Award is for those that have done tremendous work on behalf of their local council without expectation of reward, the Chai award is bestowed to  those scouters that well after being recognized for making a difference continue to go above and beyond in service to our Jewish Scouts. Their involvement demonstrates a continual and extraordinary commitment to serve scouting in the Jewish Community and has been noticed and recognized as making a difference not only locally but regionally as well.

This award of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting is being conferred upon each of the recipients via the Western Region Jewish Committee on Scouting, that selected these awardees after careful consideration by its Chai Award subcommittee chaired by the Western Region Chairman and were submitted by written nomination.
The Chai Award is divided into three levels each one demonstrating continued involvement and service.  Length of service to the Jewish community, time of involvement in Scouting, and work accomplished both locally and nationally are three areas of a number of areas that are considered for this honor.

Receiving the Chai Silver Award for 2017 (Highest level)

  • Jeff Feuer – Western Los Angeles County Council
  • Michael Shapiro – Denver Area Council

Receiving the Chai Gold Award for 2017

  • Lisa Holstein -  Pikes Peak Council
  • Sanford Weinberg Western Los Angeles County Council

Receiving The Chai Bronze Award for 2017

  • Ami Adler - Western Los Angeles County Council
  • Tova Gottesmann – Long Beach Area Council

Chai award recipients will choose for themselves the time and place of the presentation of their awards.
Some may choose to have their awards presented at the upcoming WLACC Kinnus over Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th – 29th in the beautiful Pacific Palisades, California.  The WLACC Kinnus welcomes anyone from the Western Region to join them.
More information on the Western Region Chai awards can be found at www.jcoswest.org or email at info@jcoswest.org.

Mazel Tov to these fine Scouters!

Ellen Marks, Western Region Chair
National Jewish Committee on Scouting