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2022 Jewish Focused Philmont Trek

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting is sponsoring our third Jewish Focused Trek to the Philmont National Scout Ranch in New Mexico during this summer of 2022.

Philmont’s iconic Tooth of Time

Philmont is the premier Scouting high adventure base – 140,000 acres of backcountry with both staffed and wilderness camps in the Rocky Mountains near Cimarron, New Mexico. Staffed camps include panning for gold, muzzle loading rifle shooting, racing burros, archaeology, rock climbing and rappelling, and much, much more.

To see videos about Philmont, click here to see their YouTube Channel.

The 12-person Jewish Focused Trek will include Sabbath observance, kosher food, daily prayer and Jewish learning with a rabbi embedded in the crew. Arrival is Thursday, June 30, followed by Shabbat in base camp, then setting out for 12 days of backpacking on Sunday, July 3. Shabbat, a rest day, will be celebrated in the backcountry on July 8-9. Crews will return to basecamp Wednesday, July 13, and travel home on Thursday, July 14.

If Philmont is “God’s country”, how does my Judaism fit in? When seeing billions of stars before my eyes, how does that link me to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as they shepherded their flocks under the same stars? When my friends and I celebrate Shabbat on the trail, how do I feel about my relationship with my Judaism?

Both male and female scouts are eligible if they are 14 by the start of the trek and have earned at least the Scouting rank of First Class.

Here is additional information in a flyer that can be printed out, forwarded or distributed.

For more information or to sign up, contact Norman Kahn, Central Region Co-Chair, National Jewish Committee on Scouting at, 913-991-2938.