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NJCOS Newsletter-Find a Unit

Welcome to the NJCOS Newsletter & Jewish Unit Finder Page

NJCOS Newsletter

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The National Jewish Committee on Scouting is currently updating information on leaders and contacts at Jewish Scouting units across the country. We will use this to build a “Find-a-Unit” function that will allow prospective Scouting families to find your unit and get involve … but we need so information from you. Please start by entering your email address and name below:

NOTE: This form is ONLY for collecting information about current Scout unit leaders. For all other communications, please use the Contact Us page.

If you are a leader and contact for your unit, in advance, thank you for entering your email address and submitting it above. You will first receive a confirmation email to ensure that we have your email address correct. Shortly after clicking on the confirming link in email, you will be sent a second email with a link to a secure web page where you can provide the information about you, your unit, and chartering organization. We would like this information to be provided by everyone you would like listed as a contact by prospective Scouts and their parents.

In advance, thank you for helping us with this project.


Use the map system below to find a Unit in your area. If you don’t find a pack or troop nearby, consider starting one.


PackPack  |  TroopTroop  | CrewCrew  | ShipShip

find a unitWelcome!

Look through the listings below to find a Unit in your area, or enter your city or ZIP Code to narrow your search. All listings are organized by type of unit. If you don’t find one nearby, consider starting one.


In addition, the Boy Scouts of America website offers many resources on the benefits of Scouting for boys and their families.