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NJCOS President’s Message

I have procrastinated too long.  It is now the Thursday before Rosh Hashanah.  I have tried many times to put my thoughts into words and have not been successful.  My rabbi once gave a sermon regarding procrastination.  He said putting off an unpleasant task ruins your day and just makes it more difficult to complete.  He is definitely right.

This has been a difficult year for all of us for many reasons, but 5782 is right around the corner.  As we have been taught, this is the time to look back and take an accounting of our year.  What can we do to live our lives better?  

Of course, we can be better parents, siblings, and friends.  We can also do teshuvah, getting closer to Hashem.  According to Maimonides, teshuvah is a means of returning to a situation in which we failed and learning from that failure so as not to repeat it again.

As such, so many things have transpired over the past year.  We have said and done many things personally to hurt others – that’s failure.  As a country we have become divided and accusatory- that’s failure.  As a Scouting organization, we have also experienced our failures.

Now is the time to examine what we have done, accept our failures as a lesson learned, and move forward with a true heart and open mind.  This is the time! 

The Book is opened and will close on Yom Kippur.  We will hear the blasts of the shofar and cast away our sins.  As a strong Jewish organization, let’s make this upcoming year a memorable one for only good deeds and by being better mothers, fathers, friends, siblings, and role models.

May you all be inscribed in the Book of Life with peace, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Shana Tovah um’tukah!

Frank Youdelman, President

National Jewish Committee on Scouting