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Nuts and Bolts

Watch and download our resources on this page and our page to Start and Grow a Unit to help Jewish Scouts, their parents, and their leaders advance and become more involved as they grow.

See how Scouting and Judaism have similar values with Scouting and Judaism.


Why Scouting Works

This infographic from a study by Tufts University shows how Scouting positively affects boys and their growth (press to download).

BSA Tufts Infographic

Also watch the slide show, which you can share with parents of potential Scouts in your recruiting efforts.

Here are the requirements and workbook for those interested in working with Jewish Scouting religious emblems.

Use these posters for your recruiting efforts

Event Planning

When you are planning events, be sure to consult the BSA’s Calendar of Religious Dates to ensure you’re not conflicting with any religion’s major holidays.