For Jewish Tiger Cubs and Cub Scouts, grades 1-3

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting developed the Maccabee emblem to help you, a Tiger Cub or Cub Scout who ismacca Jewish, learn more about Judaism. It also will help you earn the Aleph emblem as a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout, the Ner Tamid emblem as a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturer, and the Etz Chaim award as a Boy Scout or Venturer.

The Maccabee emblem takes its name from Judah Maccabee and his brothers, who led the military and religious struggle against the Syrian King, Antiochus, who attempted to suppress the practice of Judaism. Their revolt ended in victory with the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in the year 167 B.C.E. The holiday of Hanukkah (Feast of Lights) celebrates this victory.

When May I Start Working on It?

Immediately. All requirements must be completed prior to completing the third grade.

How Do I Start Working on It?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Along with your parent or adult partner, ask your rabbi or religious school teacher to serve as your counselor.
  2. Start working on the activities/requirements (they are listed on the other side of this page) and keep a neat record of your work in a notebook.
  3. As each activity/requirement is completed, discuss what you have done with your adult partner.
  4. When you have finished all the activities/requirements, have your adult partner and counselor sign the section titled “Certification” and send away for the emblem. The notebook is for you to keep and use.
  5. It is recommended that the emblem presentation be made at a service at the synagogue, pack meeting, or another appropriate and timely event.

How Do I Meet the Requirements?

The requirements that follow are subdivided into six categories: Jewish names, holidays, terms, symbols and objects, community helpers, and heroes.

These categories were selected with several considerations in mind. A broad-based curriculum of Jewish life should include these elements. In addition, they should be sufficiently simple for first graders to manage and should appeal to youngsters of diverse interests.

Needed resource materials should be readily available either in the library of a local synagogue, Jewish school, or community worker. Where none of these resources exists locally, it is recommended that one or two standard books on Jewish crafts, songs, holidays, etc., be purchased.

Virtually all of the requirements should lend themselves to fulfillment at home with the active assistance of a parent.

The total assignment should be completed within a 9-month time frame or sooner.

Application Form

Download an application form for the Maccabee Emblem.

As a partner with other faiths in the promotion of religious emblems, the P.R.A.Y. office also serves as the religious emblems and awards partner for the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. For questions about purchasing emblems or awards for the Jewish faith, you may reach P.R.A.Y. by calling 1-800-933-7729 or via email at


Download the requirements  for the Maccabee Emblem.

Download the requirements and workbook  for the Maccabee Emblem.

Download the requirements and workbook in fillable fields  for the Maccabee Emblem.